Cashmere Fiber

The soft, downy undercoat of the Cashmere Goat.  Colors range from white to beige and light gray to dark charcoal gray.


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Cashmere Fiber

Cashmere Fiber comes in white, light-grey (creamy off white) and brown, the three natural colors found with Cashmere goats. These three natural colored cashmere comes from different breed Cashmere goats originally from Inner Mongolia, China.

Natural white cashmere has its pure, classic luxurious appeal, light-grey has the longest fiber length and brown cashmere is superior in fineness. Unlike wool, cashmere fiber a mixture of down and guard hair, any fiber that is less than 30 micron in thickness is named "down", any fiber greater than 30 micron is called "hair".

The dehairing process is aiming to separate the two. Our Cashmere fiber processing involves the following steps.

  • Hand combing
  • Hand sorting
  • Washing and dry (Industrial word is "Scouring")
  • Dehairing

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AAngora Fiber

The fleece taken from an Angora goat is called mohair. A single goat produces between five and eight kilograms of hair per year. Angoras are shorn twice a year, unlike sheep, which are shorn only once.

 For a long time, Angora goats were bred for their white coat. In 1998, the Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association was set up to promote breeding of colored Angoras.  Now Angora goats produce white, black (deep black to greys and silver), red (the color fades significantly as the goat gets older), and brownish fiber.

Mohair is a luxury fiber admired and desired the world over. This beautiful fiber is prized for its luster, softness and strength.

Angora Fleece



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Cashmere - The Diamond of Fiber Goats
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