We invite you to explore all that is Caprette Cashmere.



  • Home of quality Cashmere goats
  • Yes Cashmere, the fiber in those expensive sweaters and jackets
  • We are a small family farm in Sacramento County, California
  • We have been in Cashmere goats for over 15 years and our stock
    has improved 100 fold.  We have been taught to judge Cashmere
    by one of the foremost experts in the field.  Talk to us and allow us
    explain the excitement of owning and raising your own Cashmere.
  • Learn about the experience of raising your own Cashmere.  Using
    it for your own clothes or selling it to companies


Caprette Cashmere herd 


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Cashmere - The Diamond of Fiber Goats
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